30th May...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So... today is my Birthday! I have never been one to make much of my own Birthday (I'm more of a Christmas gal), however, the older I get the more I really do enjoy all the fuss :) It's been a pretty uneventful day so far (unless you count being woken up by one sick little darling throughout the early hours of the morning) but I do look forward to Mr B getting home a little early from work so I can unwrap all of my goodies (I already know I have been absolutely SPOILT *grin*) before I get spruced up and head out for a Birthday dinner date with Mr B! I'll pop back over the next few days to showoff share my Birthday treats with you all! I hope you have a wonderful day too :) x

An EXTRA special Mother's Day :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've been very quiet of late haven't I... well hopefully this post will explain a bit more :)

How were your Mother's Day celebrations?! Well I was lucky enough to have my Mum fly up from Melbourne on Friday night to spend the whole weekend here with us :) On Saturday we treated her to a massage at a local day spa before she had to put on her baby sitting hat... MR B and I had a party to attend on Saturday night so Mum gladly watched Allegra for us so we could get glammed up and have a night out (quite a rare occasion these days)! I was spoilt with some stunning jewellery (which you will see me wearing below) as well as a few other little goodies. We asked my Mum if there was anything in Sydney she wanted to see and she suggested Madam Tussauds! We hadn't been yet either so the four of us heading in early on Sunday morning, it was lots of fun and scary how life-like some of the recreations were! We had originally planned to go out for a late lunch on the Sunday, however, the weather was rather chilly with a real bite in the air so we decided to cosy up in side, pop on a movie and order take out instead :) Here are a few pics from our weekend :)

Sunshine on Mother's Day morning :)
As the party was on Saturday night, I got
my Mother's Day gifts a day

 early so I could wear them :)
Here they are! Gorgeous right?! :)
My complete outfit! 
And with my Mr B x
And again :)
Hello Mr President :)
Rockstars :)
Me and MJ
Oprah! :)
Hee hee, Mum has a little crush on Mr Willis :)
Mr B and I with Brangelina!
Allegra adores her Nanny G :)
A cosy and relaxed dinner
 of pizza and pasta :)  
Cosy cuddles with my girl x
AND the extra special news....
YES, you guessed it, I am pregnant with

 Baby Bouw #2! This photo was taken on
Sunday, 2 days shy of 13 weeks :)

So besides being just busy with life in general, I have also been busy feeling rather lousy for the last 4- 6 weeks :( Allegra's pregnancy was quite smooth and I didn't experience many of the yukkies that come along with the first trimester... this bubba on the other hand had other plans for Mumma! I have only just started feeling (and looking) human again this last week which explains my absence. And I think looking after a 17 month old this time around definitely changed the landscape a little! We are very excited that we are finally able to shout our news from the rooftops :) I am 13 weeks pregnant today with bubba's expected due date being 20th November (the exact same due date as what Allegra had ~ unbelievable right)!

And if you weren't already sick of the obsessive (proud) Mumma in me than look out, because it's about to double :) I hope to share this pregnancy with you all and create a beautiful log for both myself and Baby Bouw #2 just as I did for Allegra :) And hello, it means I get to decorate a whole new nursery... yeeehaaaa! :)

I hope your Mother's Days were just as special as mine! Have a great week :) x

Allegra Isobel Bouw is 17 months old!

Friday, May 4, 2012


I am still feeling a little guilty about missing Allegra's 16 month update but hopefully this one makes up for it :) What can I tell you about Allegra this month?! She continues to be an absolute chatterbox, is expanding her vocabulary every day and even spoke her first proper sentence a few weeks ago which was 'Mumma this is a book' too cute and too clever is my little girl :) Although this is not to say that she isn't still speaking in her own alien language... it is honestly fascinating to listen too! I have included a video at the bottom of this post which you must watch! Gosh she makes me giggles. We recently started group singing/music classes and now Allegra makes me sing for her shouting 'more more' and applauds me after every verse... she certainly loves to be entertained! Allegra is already exhibiting a love for jewellery and accessories (which you will see in a few of the pics below) and loves dressing up herself and others. And as you will see in all of the pics, Allegra is so grown up now! Our little teething monster cut her last baby tooth a few weeks ago. I know, all 20 teeth at 17 months, insane! Anyway, as always I'll include my little captions with the following pics which were all taken over the passed couple of weeks :)

Showing off her new necklace :)
She looks so delicious in her
jim jams doesn't she?! :)
Such the poser :)
Looking rather cheeky in the
new PJ's that Daddy picked for her :)
Peaches and cream... delicious :)
Allegra sharing Daddy's lollipop!
Do you think he got it back?! hee hee
Allegra has graduated from crayons to
 (washable) textas! Here is a piece of her art
 work completed on her 17 month birthday :)
This was taken this morning...
Allegra playing dress ups with some
old bangles I found packed away :)
Monkeying around :)
Allegra LOVES the park. It's now her
favourite word... park park park!
I adore kisses from my best girl xxx
THE cutest! :)
Allegra Isobel looking grown up and gorgeous
in her little trench coat :) 

I had to include this photo one more time...
it is my new fav! Seriously, butter wouldn't
melt in her mouth :)

I might be biased but is she not the most beautiful little darling ever?! Love you Allegra! x

What's on for the weekend?! We have a breakfast date with some close girlfriends who are up in Sydney at the moment and I am getting my hair done tomorrow afternoon thank goodness... it is in desperate need of some pampering! As for Sunday, we don't have much planned at all... just the way I like it :)

Enjoy! x

April in Pictures- Part 2

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yikes. Today is the first day of May, can you believe it?! I promised you part two of my April in pictures so here it is! These pics were all taken on our recent trip to Melbourne that was made especially to attend my best friends daughters 1st Birthday (Allegra's best friend Gabriella)!

Our presents for Gabriella :) 
This one was chosen carefully by Allegra :)
Family Bouw all ready for the party!
A gorgeous theme of red, pink and white polka dots :)
Yummy treats! 
The dessert table.
One of Gabriella's Birthday cakes :)
More sweets!
Mr B & Allegra singing Happy Birthday
(although Little Miss A is looking rather grumpy hee hee)
Two generations of besties!
My bestie, Emma, and Allegra's bestie
(and the Birthday girl) Gabriella :)
They already love each other to bits
and it's so gorgeous to watch :)
What a brilliant idea for party favours!
Toffee apples with a thank-you
note from Gabriella :)

So, that's April for you!

Not much has been happening around the house so apologies for no decor posts :{

I will however be back with a long overdue Allegra update... I have a heap of gorgeous pics of our beautiful girl that are too sweet not to share! x


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