Allegra Isobel Bouw is 22 Months Old!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

So, last week my not-so-little darling girl turned 22 months old! What can I say... she is such a clever, witty, gorgeous, happy and very chatty girl who continues to bring us so much joy. Words can just not describe exactly how special she is! I din't realise it had been four whole months since my last 'Allegra' update and I'm sure once you have seen how much she has grown you will agree that she continues to blossom into such a beautiful young lady :)
Allegra Isobel @ 22 months old!
(photo take last week)!
Allegra @ 20 months.
Our happy girl :)
Our tiny dancer xxx
Blue eyed beauty!
(photo snapped last month in Melbourne).
Taken a few weeks ago on our 'Babymoon'...
Excited for her first swim in the resort pool :)
Me and my girl
@ 31 weeks pregnant!
Mr B & Allegra just after she got
dunked by a wave! hee hee :)
Allegra's current obsession is picking flowers
so we decided to make daisy chains!
Sea World on the Gold Coast :)
On the Carousel :)
In her element @ the Dora Show :)
Our beach babe :)
And again :)
Enjoying the buffet breakfast :)
Happiness xxx
Out the front of our resort
on our way to breakfast! 
Showing off in the hotel lobby!
Family Bouw xxx
My two loves xxx
Beyond excited to be on holidays
on our first night at the resort!
Cheeky girl ready for bed!
Boo Mumma! :)
Beautiful Allegra Isobel... love her xxx
This pic is a few months old now
 but still makes me smile...
my little miss sunshine :)
Has she grown or what!!! Loooove her to bits! Now let the 2nd Birthday Party planning begin! :)

Hello week 33!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tomorrow I hit the start of week 33 of my pregnancy... jeepers has it flown this time around! I still don't think it has really sunk in that our family of three will very soon become four but what I do know is that Mr B, Allegra and I are all starting get very excited as the due date for BB #2 creeps closer and closer! We cannot wait to meet our little bundle :) I thought I'd post just a few pics to keep you all in the loop :) 
How gorgeous is our bubba @ 31 weeks?! LOVE!!! 
Bump @ 31 weeks...
And again @ the beginning of week 32 ~
 taken last week on our Baby moon! :)
We arrived back in Sydney yesterday morning after a blissful 5 days in sunny Queensland... we thought it wise to take a bit of a 'baby moon' before my travel ban kicks in and of course before life gets a whole lot crazier! I will include a few more snaps for our trip away when I do Allegra's '22 Months' post... yes my friends, my little girl will be turning two in just over two months time! You won't believe how much she has grown and blossomed since I posted her '20 Months' photos! Stay tuned :) x


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello! You may remember my infamous chesterfield lounges (as featured on the cover of Adore Magazine back in December 2010, above) well they've been in storage since we relocated to Sydney last year as sadly, they are just too big for the house we are living in now. Last month we finally moved them to a storage facility closer to where we are living so that we can hopefully find them a new home :)

Before I list them on Ebay I thought I would give you, my Sydney/Australian based bloggers, the opportunity to express any interest you may have in purchasing our white leather chesterfield lounges. Both lounges are in great condition and remain in the packaging that was provided by the professional removalists when we relocated. I don't have the exact measurements at hand but by memory the x3-4 seater is 2.9m long and 1.1m deep and the x2 seater is 2.1m long and 1.1m deep. Please email me at with any questions you may have :) x

Sneak peek: Allegra's 'Big Girl' Room!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Allegra's 'big girl' room is still a few months off being finished BUT I thought I would at least reveal/tease you with the items that inspired the colour palette for the room... these gorgeously vibrant cushions (even more beautiful in the fabric flesh!) from Ada & Darcy and this print which you can purchase from this Etsy store! The words featured on the print (from Doris Day's song 'A bushel and a peck') hold sentimental meaning to us as I sang it to Allegra thoughout my pregnancy and continue to do so now :) x

Happy Thursday everyone! :) x

M.I.A, a lovely email and an update!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello friends!!! Yikes, it has been a terribly long time since my last post hasn't it! I would probably still be missing in action had it not been for a lovely email I received last week from a reader/follower of my blog. She was concerned for my well-being as I hadn't posted in such a long time! I was quite touched and a little guilt ridden to have taken my blog friends and followers for granted. I guess the thought never crossed my mind that I would be all that missed or that I would have someone worrying about me and my little family. I can happily say that all is very well in the Bouw household and that life has just been very busy with parenting/pregnancy/family/friends/travel/work/ priorities coming before this little blog of mine. I have had little time and little motivation at the end of each day and have chosen relaxing on the couch with Mr B (and being sucked into a little reality TV here and there hee hee) over blog posting.

The last few months have flown by and I am now in my 29th week of this pregnancy! I know some of you may be missing the belly updates I was so disciplined in posting whilst pregnant with Allegra so I thought I'd bring you up top date with the following pics: 

Our beautiful, snug, bubba Bouw @ 13 weeks!
16 Weeks!
Just shy of 18 weeks :)
Gorgeous BB @ 19 weeks and 2 days :)
And again :)
Half way ~ bubba bump @ 20 weeks!
3 days shy of 22 weeks.
24 weeks!
2 days shy of 26 weeks!
27.5 weeks!
Rocking my maternity jeans last
Saturday night @ 3 days shy of 28 weeks :)
Me looking rather proud after deciding to wear my hair
 up for once... top knot for the win! :)
28 weeks! Hello week 29 :)
28 weeks! Much bigger than last month!

That should bring you completely up to date on the progress of my pregnancy :) We have another appointment to see my OB this coming Thursday which is always an absolute delight :)

On a separate note, progress has been made on both Allegra's big girl room and bubba Bouw's nursery but neither are close to a reveal so I'll hold off any posting any pics just yet.

Oh and one more thing, whilst I have been slack with blogging over the last few months, I have jumped  on the Instagram bandwagon! You can find me under Mrs Bouw :) x

Allegra Isobel Bouw is 18 Months Old!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ok so Allegra is now closer to 19 months than she is 18 months (I've been super slack ~ again!) BUT I just had to get this post in as 18 months (wow- a year and a half!) is I guess a little milestone. I pinch myself most days that this amazing little girl is mine. I am still in my element, every single day, as get to spend all my time with her. She is just so much fun to hang out with! You will see by the photos and video below that she continues to blossom into a gorgeous little person.

Finally big enough to wear the Burberry
 dress Daddy bought for her 1st Birthday
 all the way from London!
Outta my way Mum!
Look at my outfit Mumma ~such a fashionista! :P
Fun @ the park ~ still obsessed!
Look Mum, the bubba! :)
Cutie pie :)
Treating ourselves to some popcorn
@ the Sydney Aquarium! :)
This was Allegra's first time eating popcorn and
she absolutely demolished the bucket...
with a little help from me of course :)
Not guilty Mumma!
Helping me pick the patty cases for my
Birthday cupcakes :)
Allegra was a little under the weather when
this was taken ~ little angel x

Sick little monkey :(
Very happy about wearing her Ra Ra skirt to playgroup :) 

This video was taken over 3 weeks ago... our clever girl clearly knows all about Bubba Bouw... soooooo sweet! :)

Mumma love you darling, a bushel and a peck! x


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