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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yep, that's right, I'm still on the Adore band wagon and I'm holding on tight! I finally found the time to properly scroll through the pages of Adore's latest edition and I am loving, well, everything. What can I say... Loni Parker has done it again and knocked out another B to the rilliant issue! This April/May issue is jammed packed with so much colour inspiration you won't know where to look! So if you haven't already, grab yourself a cup of tea and a few sneaky easter eggs (because that's exactly what I did) and click HERE to enjoy yet another gobsmackingly gorgeous issue. Online pageflicking at it's best!

I'll be back at some point with a round-up of my fav items featured in this months Adore mag! x


Monday, April 4, 2011

I know, I know. I have been SUPER slack with my blog posts (again) but as most of you know, life as a new Mummy doesn't leave many hours in the day for such things. I take my hat off to those super bloggy Mums who have time to look after their little ones AND dedicate time to posting regularly! So I am sorry my dear and loyal readers for my lack of posting! I have however still been reading your blogs daily! :)

These past few weeks have been full of milestones for our little miss Allegra which I wanted to share with you! She had her four month check up just over a week ago which consisted of another two injections (where our brave girl barely shed a tear) and of course being measured for height and weight. It turns out we have one big, healthy girl on our hands! Allegra is in the 95th percentile for her weight and 97th for her height! Wowee! This might have something to do with the fact that I had noticed some changes in her behaviour and sleeping patterns over the last week (as well as her eyeballing us when we ate!) so we made the decision to slowly introduce Allegra to her first solids! So yesterday we gave her her first taste of rice cereal mixed with Mumma's milk... and... she loved it! The other big milestone is that for the past four nights Allegra has slept right through the night... for 12 hours straight... yeeeehaaaa is an understatement! And seeing as many of you have given me the thumbs up to share as many photos as I like, here are a few more taken over the last couple of weeks!

Allegra Isobel @ 4 months old.

Pretty girl.

Up yours Mummy... hee hee :P

Our polka dot princess rocking it out in her Bumbo!

Mumma & Baby Bouw.

And again.

Our beautiful little miss.

Watching her first Grand Prix with Daddy... clearly nail biting stuff!

Exhausted after the race... having a nap poolside. So sweet.

More polka dot prettiness! :)

Cheeky monkeys!

Allegra about to try her first solids...


Success! Nom nom nom :)

Happy bubba = happy Mumma! :)

Allegra, you are our little superstar and we love you beyond words!

My Mum (aka Nanny G) arrives for a 12 day visit this Thursday which we are all really looking forward to... especially as she hasn't seen Allegra since she was 7 1/2 weeks old! Allegra and I will then fly back to Melbourne with her for a few weeks over easter to visit family and friends yippee! Although it's such a bummer that Mr B will be unable to join us due to work committments :( However, it will be a very special visit for us none the less as on of my closest and best friends, Emma (I have blogged about her previously here and here), is due with her first bubba... the day we arrive actually! I am SOOO excited. It is something all best friends dream of isn't it, to raise their children together?! Such a blessing!

Anyway, I should be back with a few posts this week. I hope you had a great weekend! x


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